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In Just Math your goal is to solve math equations as quickly and accurately as possible. 

This game was developed as a test platform for my bachelor's thesis. If you would like to help me out, you can take part in the accompanying user study. (Duration: ~10 minutes)

UPDATE: The user study is no longer available, as I have successfully completed my bachelor's studies. If you would still like to play this game, I'd recommend trying either the "Feature Demo" or "Quest Mode" game modes.


  • Enter Numbers with either the number row or numpad
  • Toggle between a positive and negative answer with the minus or numpad minus keys
  • Delete the last character with backspace
  • Press Return or numpad Enter to confirm your answer or skip equations (practice mode exclude

Install instructions

Simply unpack the .zip file to your desired install location and launch "Just Math.exe".


Just Math 130 MB

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